Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Short Vacation

Under Doctors orders I am taking some time off. The weather here in Southern Indiana is beginning to get nice. I have been taking short walks in the country side for the fresh air and exercise. It is not easy for me to escape cyberspace and the self imposed isolation in which I live. But there are some things I have promised myself I would do this summer.

I am going into the public parks and court yards with a chessboard and teaching chess to all that wish to learn.

I am taking a camera into the natural world and photographing what I find there.

Some Photos from my April Walks:

I may even do some fishing. (I always release the fish I catch)

With any luck I will return to engine chess in a few weeks rejuvenated.

This being said I would like to leave my new opening book for everyone to work on. This book, Ghost 0.2 is a totally new book based entirely on games played this year. It is a bit larger than my tour books and contains all the new lines recently developed. (Including the winning lines from the Freestyle tournament)

Ghost 0.2 is ready for the hand tuning phase of development. But remember, it is intended to play e4 as white and c5 as black against e4. What I am saying is, don’t try to make it play d4. Although it has all the black lines to counter d4 it has very few lines to play the Queens pawn as white.

Good luck: and I will see you all when I return.