Monday, August 18, 2008

Chimera R3

Chimera R3 is a completely new ctg. opening book with a much different approach toward engine opening theory than that of the Ghost books. This new methodology should in premise provide a stronger opening strategy for a greater number of players.

I began to notice the highly hand tuned Ghost books had become too specialized for the average engine player. Ghost was and still is being developed for fast time controls 3-5 minute blitz. But it is also a tournament book using a highly restricted opening repertoire and designed to expect a particular type of opponent. In other words what I was seeing was some players did not do as well with tournament books as others did. With the ever changing conditions in engine chess, The new Rybka 3 engine and some readily available broader based opening books (M. Servet Kultur’s Compmaster 2.0 and Noonen’s Rybka 3 book) I started work on Chimera R3.

Chimera is made from over 340,000 games selected from a database of 4 million current engine games. Games chosen by me to impart the learn weights are both statistical based and theoretically grounded. It turned out to be a large book as deep as it is wide. At the present I have set the book to play e4 and to respond to e4 with c5 however it will play and counter many other openings.

I would like feedback from the players who try the book. Pleases drop me an email at if you have any comments or suggestions. I will update the book from time to time. O yes and did I mention the best thing about Chimera R3 is that it is free.