Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ghost Books

The Ghost opening books are completely new .ctg books. Based on the most recent playchess rated games and my own off line work. I have tried to incorporate lessons learned from the tour book series, however Ghost will take much different tack in the way it is updated.

Book Settings:(Ghost Books)
Use Book: on
Tournament Book: on
Varity of Play: min (all the way to left)
Influence of learn Value: max (all the way to right)
Learning Strength: min (all the way to left)
Minimum games: 0 Up to move: 100

If anyone is interested in doing book testing for the Ghost book project pleases let me know. The only requirements are; that I actually know who you are, (not just your nick) that you use at lest a quad core computer with a 64bit operating system and that you have a playchess account.