Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spook R3

Spook R3 is the blitz tuned variant of Chimera R3. It is intended to replace the Ghost books. It has undergone extensive hand tuning (26 generations). You will not see many red and green play marks in this book (that generally indicates heavy hand tuning) this is because I have imbedded the tuning. This process leaves a clean slate for the user to impose their own continued tuning without confusion.

The R3 in the name of the book indicates that the new Rybka 3 engine was used in all the off line analyses work on the book as well as in all games used in the books original learn files.
Spook R3 will perform best at 3-0 5-0 and 16-0 time controls. The following book settings are recommended.

Book Settings: Chimera and Spook Books

Use Book: on
Tournament Book: on
Varity of Play: min (all the way to left)
Influence of learn Value: max (all the way to right)
Learning Strength: min (all the way to left)
Minimum games: 0 Up to move: 100