Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ghost Books

The Ghost opening books are completely new .ctg books. Based on the most recent playchess rated games and my own off line work. I have tried to incorporate lessons learned from the tour book series, however Ghost will take much different tack in the way it is updated.

Book Settings:(Ghost Books)
Use Book: on
Tournament Book: on
Varity of Play: min (all the way to left)
Influence of learn Value: max (all the way to right)
Learning Strength: min (all the way to left)
Minimum games: 0 Up to move: 100

If anyone is interested in doing book testing for the Ghost book project pleases let me know. The only requirements are; that I actually know who you are, (not just your nick) that you use at lest a quad core computer with a 64bit operating system and that you have a playchess account.


MichaelW said...

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Anonymous said...

my name is roland acosta. i have a quad core q6700 pc. i have a playchess acct. im interested in doin tester for your ghost book project

Kevin Frayer said...

Roland: Pleases send me your email address to or so we may talk in private.

denis mendoza said...

Hello Kevin. We really missed you at TDDB. Anyway, we're glad that you're back from your long vacation. I've seen you've been developing a 'Ghost Buster" book :D. Bill was asking me if you could build a polyglot book for us there at TDDB. Anyway, we could continue our talk there when you login again.

Wishing you good health always,