Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Engine Chess (Hand Tuned Book)

Book settings:

(Frayer Tour Book)
Use Book: on
Tournament Book: on
Varity of Play: max - (all the way to left)
Influence of learn Value: max + (all the way to right)
Learning Strength: max - (all the way to left)
Minimum games: 0
Up to move: 100

These are the settings for a hand tuned book. I recommend that you take the time to learn how to fix the losing lines (as they are reputed in online play) and reinforce the winning ones.
You can of course turn on the book learn function, but this only stops the book from playing a line that it has consistently lost in, it does not find a solution to the problem. In general it is my opinion that a good book with the learn function turned on will only become more drawlish.

With out a doubt the most useful aspect of book making, to the average engine player is hand tinning. Most of the commercial opening books (the books that come with engines and GUIs) can be tweaked into competitive shape by this technique.

What exactly is meant by the term hand tuning. Well to me its more than just turning some book moves red and others green. It is coming to the point in the book line where things started going wrong and doing deep analysis in infinite time mode to find a better line. Sometime one must go several moves back from the point where the positional value changed towards the negative to get back on track.

I will talk more about book development in next few weeks. Please feel free to share my Tour Book 14.0v (which by the way is made for 3-0 time controls) and send me an email if you have specific questions or seek calefaction of my thinking.

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